Fairy princess cake decorating class and my attempt at a cute/cuddly lion

Lion cake topper

A few weeks ago, I took my mum to another class at Wild Sugar Rose as an early birthday present. This was another modelling class, and we all learnt how to make a fairy princess to decorate a small cake or cupcake.

Cupcake with crown

I have found from the classes I have been to that I really enjoy the modelling work the most, particularly modelling animals. I think you can get a bit more character into the animal models than the human ones, particularly as a beginner (I have seen some incredibly amazing figures from experienced and talented cake artists). It is also really nice to go to the classes with my Mum, and reminds me of when we used to go to porcelain doll making classes together.

Fairy princess

The fairy princess was quite involved, with each hair strand being rolled individually, a skirt made up of small leaves and the challenge of trying to get the left and right arms and legs the same!

Decorated cupcake

We also learnt to make a crown for our princess and a wand with curly streamers/ribbons. These looked very effective but were very fragile and mine broke in transporting them home.

Cupcake with wand

It was another great class at Wild Sugar Rose and I will certainly be on the look out for any more modelling classes there in the future.

I also attempted a cute lion by myself last week. I didn’t have any instructions and was just basing it on a picture of a porcelain cake topper that my mum had seen and liked. The lion was as a surprise for a very special 5 year old boy’s birthday. My Mum started tutoring him a few years ago after he had battled numerous health issues.  Mum has now been adopted into the family and is an honorary family member.

Lion cake topper

I was so happy with the end result (even with the uneven eyes, a result of one set falling off and getting pushed back on, making it larger), particularly given I made it without any instructions and it is only my third model attempt outside of a class. The lion is now sitting on a high shelf in the little boy’s room, out of reach of his little sister.

Finished giant cupcake – lion and white rabbits by me, cake by my Mum 🙂

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