Food and cooking has become, over time, one of my hobbies and passions (along with musical theatre). I am addicted  to cookbooks and magazines (I am scared to count how many I own), and cooking shows on TV.

I usually can’t just stick to exactly what is in a recipe though. Often when I try a new recipe, I’ll find several and take bits out of all of them. Or change it slightly to suit my preferences and tastes. Hence, my food my way. A record of the food I cook at home.

I’m hoping to work my way though recipes from the cookbooks I own, from TV shows and also try to decipher the handwritten recipes I have inherited from my Nanna. This blog will be my record of this.

I am not a professional chef, cook, writer or photographer (I use a basic point and shoot camera on auto). I’m just me, Sarah,  a girl in my thirties from Perth, Western Australia who enjoys cooking and all things food related and decided to start keeping a record of all things food in my life.

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Given the amount of books I buy through Amazon, I thought I’d give it a try.