Food and cooking has become, over time, one of my hobbies and passions (along with singing especially musical theatre and reading). I am addicted  to cookbooks and magazines (I am scared to count how many I own), and watching cooking shows on TV.

I usually can’t just stick to exactly what is in a recipe though. Often when I try a new recipe, I’ll find several and take bits out of all of them. Or change it slightly to suit my preferences and tastes. Hence, my food my way. A record of the food I cook at home.

I’m hoping to work my way though recipes from the cookbooks I own, from TV shows and also try to decipher the handwritten recipes I have inherited from my Nanna. This blog will be my record of this.

I am not a professional chef, cook, writer or photographer (I currently use my iphone). I’m just me, Sarah,  a  now 40-something Mum to a very active (and fussy) little boy from Perth, Western Australia who enjoys cooking and all things food related and decided to start keeping a record of all things food in my life.

I recently finished a Certificate in Food and Wine Tourism through Le Cordon Bleu and Southern Cross University out of personal interest. This and becoming a first time Mum in 2015 have resulted in a lack of blog posts. However I’m hoping to blog more regularly in 2019. I’m  planning to take myself through my own self taught patisserie course at home, using all of the patisserie and baking books I own, as well as what resources I can find on the internet and the occasional cooking class, particularly for special skills or techniques that require special equipment, like sugar blowing. I am currently in the process of planning this new blog series so watch this space, new posts coming soon!

You can also follow me on twitter @myfoodmywayblog .


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