Cake decorating class 4 & 5 and Jungle animal cupcakes

So I have finished my first cake decorating class at Cupid’s Delight and from it I have learnt the following:

  1. I don’t like covering cakes and boards in fondant. I can do it and the end result is pretty; I just don’t really enjoy doing it.
  2. I do like making flowers and figures out of fondant/modelling paste. It reminds me of when I used to make dollhouse miniatures with my Grandma.
  3. I think the first thing I should have been taught is the art of transporting the decorated cakes/models.
My very first decorated cake!

It’s terrible. Over the course of my cake decorating class I scratched the covered board, got a crack in the covered cake when said board fell on it (I blame the car that cut in front of me), and after my last class I dropped my bear figurine while unlocking the front door. The bear was solid and stayed intact, but his wings snapped completely off and I will have to make some new ones. I’m really not normally that clumsy…although I am rather prone to cutting and burning myself when cooking when I’m tired or sick…I think I’ll blame it on the late nights after a long day at work and the hours of concentration at class!

I am really glad that I did the class and I am really happy with the end result. I don’t know how often I will want to cover a whole cake in fondant, but I know I am going to be making lots more fondant figures and flowers.

Pretty little flowers.

My Mum and I also went to a half day Jungle Animal cupcake class at Wild Sugar Rose. We learnt how to paint on fondant, make a monkey figurine, cover cupcakes and make different flowers and leaves. I am really proud of the monkey I made and I really enjoyed the class. It was also a nice way to spend the morning with my Mum. I am going to another class in a few weeks (Summer Swirls) which I am really looking forward to.

First cupcakes decorated with fondant.

My crazy month of classes is drawing to a close. So far I am only enrolled in two more classes for the rest of this year, which is just as well as I need to start working on my Christmas gift baking. I did a test run today of one new baked goodie and I was really happy with the result. But I can’t post it yet, as I don’t want to give away the surprise!

So proud of my monkey.

Sorry for the delay in posts, I was off at the Margaret River Gourmet Escape. Death by chocolate cupcakes to come soon though.

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