Cake decorating classes – Week 1

Last night I did something new for me and went to my very first cake decorating class with Julia at Cupid’s Delight. I really enjoy going to cooking classes and baking, so thought I’d give cake decorating a try. There are 11 of us in the class, with experience ranging from me with no experience with this kind of cake decorating, others who have tried it at home, a few who have done other classes as well as two chefs. It will be interesting to see how I keep up. Most of the class seem to be hoping to set up a home business in cake decorating, which was interesting. That certainly isn’t my aim. I am happy to do it for fun, and blog about it of course.

No photos yet as the first lesson was all theory (health, food and safety, how to line a tin). I am happy to report that I passed the quiz that followed with flying colours, so I am safe to be released into the kitchen! I had a great time and am looking forward to next week when we do get into the kitchen and also get our kit of tools.

I’ve never done any cake decorating with fondant, so I am really looking forward to learning some new skills. My homework for the week is to soak my fruit for the fruit cake we will be decorating (I’m currently trying to decide what fruit and alcohol to use to make mine different – I’m currently thinking of dates and pineapple for the additional fruit, possibly some coconut as well, but not sure about the alcohol at this stage. The recipe uses brandy). I also have to find a good on-line cake decorating resource to share with the class. If anyone has any recommendations please share them with me.

More recipes to come soon. But for now, it’s off to work I go.

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